Karl Barry

BA Hons Psychology, Certificate in Sports Psychotherapy, Master’s Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy (May 2022)

Karl practices integrative psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and elite athletes. He has been trained to Master’s Degree level in CBT, person-centered, psychodynamic, systemic, psychosexual, transactional analysis, emotion-focused, and couples therapy modalities. He also holds a BA hons Degree in Psychology, and a professional certificate in sports psychotherapy. Karl can also provide workshops to improve communication within corporate and sporting environments.

Personal therapy:

Karl has worked with a broad range of individual clients on issues such as anxiety, panic, low mood, depression, trauma, stressful life events, PTSD, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, family issues, bereavement, work or college related issues, and sexual issues. He offers a safe, confidential space where he works collaboratively with his clients to overcome problems which may be effecting their mental health and preventing them from living full, free, and happy lives.

Couples therapy:

There are a range of reasons couples might come to therapy. Karl works with couples on issues such as:

  • Communication: Couples finding it hard to talk and listen to each other, or feel ignored, criticized, insulted, or belittled by their partner
  • Problematic behaviors: such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, social media, texting, internet or infidelity
  • Intimacy: Lack of affection or closeness, seeking to improve their sexual relationship, or experiencing difficulties during intercourse.
  • Family issues: Problems concerning childcare or home duties, relationships with extended family, and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Mental health: There may be issues with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders which impact on the relationship
  • Bereavement, loss, or grief: helping couples cope with the impact bereavement, loss or grief can have on the many areas of a relationship

Sports psychotherapy:

Sports psychotherapy is a new approach to helping athletes overcome issues they may encounter in their sporting careers, and life outside of their sports. Issues such as deselection, injury, alcohol or substance abuse, performance anxiety, stress, motivation, relationships, issues with teammates and other club staff, depression or other mental health issues are addressed from the perspective of the athlete.

In addition to working one-to-one with athletes, Karl can help to support other members of staff within and across sporting organizations and clubs. This can involve assessing the therapeutic environment within a club/organization, and helping to address behaviors and attitudes which are unhelpful whilst seeking to foster positive ones. Karl can provide psychoeducation within an organization to increase awareness of mental health issues. This can make other staff members aware of early warning signs of poor mental health among the athletes at their club. Allowing athletes to have their mental health issues addressed at an appropriate time before they develop into bigger issues.

If you would like to make an appointment with Karl please email info@mindology.ie or phone 045 855559