Michael Kane

Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy
BA Hons. Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Certificate in Suicide postvention
Successful completion of the ASIST Course

Professional Membership
Fully accredited member of IACP

My Philosophy of Counselling is based on the idea that I create a relationship where the client feels safe enough to open up about their issues and relax in the knowledge that I will treat these issues with the respect and importance that the client does. I believe the relationship between therapist and client to be the key component in whether the client finds that therapy was a success or not. I believe in making a connection with the client and meeting them where they are at in their lives. While keeping the highest professional standards is important, I believe that it is just as important that I am human too and not a cold, detached expert whose job it is to fix a client.

At the heart of my counselling philosophy is a genuine, non-judgemental attitude towards my clients allowing them, possibly for the first time, to express and explore their true selves without fear of shame. As a counsellor it is my job to see the whole of the client. To listen, observe and notice without judgement. I work hard to see a client for who they really are and, in doing so, to help them to get to know and accept all their contradictions and complexities. To see beyond the surface layers and to give them permission to be the complex being they really are.

It is very important I feel to find out what the client hopes to get from the therapy, whether that is to learn coping strategies through CBT or to just be listened to and heard through a more person-centred approach. My work would be solution focused to a degree in that I believe it to be important to give the client the support and tools they need so that they can resolve their issues and move forward and live their best life. I believe my role as a counsellor is to support the client whilst they identify, explore and enact the changes they need to make in their life and to stay with them whilst they try to do this.

I would work very much within an integrative framework, tapping into all the different theories that I have learned to find out which approach works best for the client. I gather this information by constantly eliciting feedback from the client. I believe that one size does not fit all. I would also encourage the client to use any supports they may have such as hobbies, clubs, and friends to help them on their journey.

If you would like to make an appointment with Michael please email info@mindology.ie or phone 045 855559